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Westminster Schools teach all children to become competent caring citizens in a changing world through a challenging curriculum and supportive environment.


Children are at the center of our educational process. We strive to help each child develop his or her greatest potential through well-balanced psychomotor, affective and cognitive skills. Our school provides a learning environment that meets the individual needs of the whole child, physical, emotional, social and intellectual. We create an atmosphere in which the child is encouraged to grow, to explore, to create, to learn, to exchange ideas, to question, to think critically, to develop self-esteem and self-direction, and to succeed.

Guiding Beliefs

We begin and end with student learning as our focus.
We value all members of our community as life-long learners.
We agree that learning and teaching begin with treating each other with thoughtfulness and respect.
We strive to create a safe learning environment that supports the personal, intellectual, emotional and social development of all children and adults.
We celebrate the diversity of the local and global community by connecting learning and life experiences.
We believe that deep understanding and knowledge of subject-area content and careful consideration of the needs of individual students and their learning styles are essential to meaningful educational experiences.
We believe that promoting social and emotional health leads to resilient, self-directed learners who can participate fully in their community.
We believe in cultivating democratic, sustainable practices and global citizenship.